Self-care has been defined as providing adequate attention to one’s own physical and psychological wellness. #coachjoe


Beyond being an aspirational goal, engaging in self-care has been described as an “ethical imperative” (Norcross & Barnett, 2008) and is part of the APA’s Ethics Code (2002).

5 Best Practices:

1️⃣ Step back (for a second): Figure out why (with specificity) you want to invest in yourself. Make a list and define where your time should be spent.

2️⃣ Give up the things that aren’t serving your greater intentions. What can I do less of? What distractions can I eliminate?

3️⃣ Reschedule your schedule. Established to non-negotiables. Calendar your to do list.

4️⃣ Assess your self daily. Score yourself weekly. Are you where you want to be? Define what the next steps need to be.

5️⃣ Maximize your creativity moments: Playing an instrument, reading, writing, creating art work or taking action on a dream you have been postponing.

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