“Often, new insights can only be revealed when the current path is abandoned.” – Dan Thurmon #coachjoe


He was fraught with frustration, disillusioned with the idea that being passed up for that promotion was a popularity play.

His anger manifested in a passive-aggressive posture. One that served only to fracture the connection between him and his leadership.

His behavior becoming more bold with time and his collaboration more toxic. His leadership creating a fissure between intentions and outcome.

The path he traveled was poisoned by a belief that there was some deeper game of sabotage transpiring. His team coaching transitioned from inspiring and action oriented to non-descriptive preaching and pandering.

Things at home were no better as he carried that burden of anger pivoting into shame. His otherwise joyous energy recycled into genuine sadness.

Our challenge was to shine a light on his current mindset. Not lingering on the idea that his current mindset was linked to his current actions.

We asked the tough questions that unveiled his deep rooted thoughts of vulnerability. His fears of lack and unworthiness that was manifesting in his behaviors.

He had a decision to make, that on the surface, seemed simple yet unnerving. He could stay on his current path unchallenged by his team, and unwittingly creating dissension. Or, he could choose receiving his vulnerability and embracing a new path.

You see, we all have complex choices to make and remaining on our current path is easier to do. This path is well-known, comfortable and out of harms way. A path where we stand unchallenged by our past failures and a reprieve from fear.

Our challenge is acknowledging the emotions creating the destructive behaviors and building small decisions that move us closer into action. The small, but gradual actions moving us from our current path into the desired course.

Once you let go of what’s not working you can begin to work towards that ideal path. The navigation starts by embracing your own vulnerability.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.”
-Brené Brown.

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