The power of perspective. #coachjoe


The gap that exists in moving us significantly towards next-level growth, lies somewhere between “action” and “avoidance”.

To condition ourselves is to have clarity of what’s in front of us. What are the behaviors that move forwards versus hold us back?

The momentary setbacks are perpetuating the behaviors supported by our mindset conditioning.

How do we utilize Consequences as a negative tool to redirect momentum if we continue to do nothing?

⚡️👉🏻Power Tips: 6 lens framework

💥Purpose: evaluate opportunity, the meaning, context, and alignment.
‼️Positivity: draw from situations that are positive, optimistic, cultivate hope, with an intention to be positive
🥇Potential: visualization of achievement. Draw potential by studying high-performers
🔂 Process: ask the right questions to help build systems and frameworks for how something works best.
📈Progress: finding strategies and choices that yield the most resources.
😄People: find your people! That circle of people that are vested in your growth, challenge your norms, and elevate your mindset.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”-unknown.

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