How do we address the confidence gap upstream? Find the root cause and reducing the exposure. #coachjoe


Story: as told by Anthony Robbins with #coachjoe interpretations.

Behind the Doctors office there was a deep stream. Always undisterbed and serene.

Upon arriving the Dr. noticed a person bobbing in the water struggling to swim. He reacted quickly and pulled the person from the water.

As he was pulling the person from the water he noticed yet another, barely surging the current. Without hesitation he jumped back in and pulled them to safety.

As he was pulling them out he noticed another flailing downstream. At that same time, his partner was driving up. The first Dr. yelled for his partner to hurry and help save others. The 2nd Dr. got back into his car and started diving away.

Dr. #1 yelled “wait, where you going we have people to save here.”

Dr. #2 said “ I’m going upstream to stop whoever is throwing these people into the stream.”

The moral of the story is that by trying to handle the work downstream is much more difficult than addressing the issue upstream – where it started.

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