Navigating difficult conversations is an acquired skill. An obligation not a burden. #coachjoe


🗺 There will always be bumps in the road and and inevitable challenges to changing course.

📍Enter with care and check your emotions at the door then the outcome has a higher probability of success.

🏛The keys are:
👉🏻 Have a goal in mind
👉🏻Stick to the facts
👉🏻 Approach with compassionate curiosity.
👉🏻 Do not allow negative emotions distract you with thoughts of “worse-case” scenarios (catastrophizing)
👉🏻Release negative perception
👉🏻 Remove pre-judgements.

“There are conversations you haven’t had, stories that need to be unraveled. And if we all do that in our backyard, in our office, in our families, have the difficult conversations, miracles can happen.” – Elizabeth Lesser

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