Why is he so lazy? He knows what to do! #coachjoe



This is the question, during a coaching call from a business owner.

This issue is convoluted with all sorts of underlying messages. Cleverly hiding under the veils of management.

A question more about the consistency of process than it is consequences of performance.

Measuring the end-results without measuring the activities, or at the very least, knowing what the “activities” are is worthless. You see, the results are a summary of the actions performed during the day – throughout the month.

We discovered the business is not subject to the ebbs and flows of business. That a process delivered telepathically, is not a process…it’s a wish.

While goal attainment is perhaps the ultimate metric, it is the lagging indicator of the daily coaching provided.

What does leadership look like in action? How does a leader affect discretionary effort? What gets his salesperson to sell more product?

It inevitably rolls down to two performance indices from which all teams results are derived: the quantity of coaching leadership and the quality of coaching leadership.

She determined the accountability resides with the business leader and not her employee. As the ideas unfolded she realized, the results are the sun of actions and not attitude.

Everything worth achieving that’s hard…is just a series of things that are easy. You just have to create clarity, define your intentions, decide on your purpose, and take action.

Her commitment was to start by identifying the successes and encouraging momentum. Then identify, the challenges through a series of questions.

Allowing her team to develop their on strategy that aligned with the mission.

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