Maybe it’s not the motivation that’s missing, but the inspiration! #coachjoe


Why is she so unmotivated to do her job every day? It’s not that hard! His question was more of a statement of opinion than a quest to find the answer.

Motivation is fleeting and depends upon an external force to stimulate. Motivation in and of itself requires a form of discipline. It’s unreliable and unscalable and is entirely dependent upon some form of disciplined action.

Sure, there are moments where the elevated levels of motivation serves to inspire others. It produces momentum to help propels individuals and teams to exert more energy. In fact, sometimes motivation is the most effective tool to inspire others to reach levels they’ve never achieved in the past.

There is an alternative. Perhaps, even a multiplier to motivation. These actions are scalable disciplines.

“Scalable disciplines, by contrast, separates outwards functioning from moods and feelings and thereby ironically circumvents the problem by consistently improving them.” Chuck Kersten, MBA LSSGB

The impacts of scalable disciplines are quite impactful. Successful completion of tasks are replicable, last longer, inspire enhancements and improvements that stimulate more productive behaviors.

Scalable disciplines provide the motivation necessary to progress. Building scalable disciplines reinforces the necessary behaviors that produces longer lasting results.

Motivation serves a very important purpose however, motivation left on its own accord is not scalable. Motivation is fleeting, scalable disciplines improve performance behaviors that are repeatable and actionable.

The pursuits of why is what inspires a person to “do”. Instead of trying to provide external motivation we can learn what inspires the individual towards growth.

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