Don’t get comfortable in the “room of doubt”. #coachjoe


The room of doubt is a place we experience anxiety because we can’t see the answers.

The room of doubt is a temporary setting that heralds the room of renewal. A place where we discover the lessons of failure, learn what it is we want, and inspires us to take action.

5 Practicle Applications (that unlock the room of doubt):

👉🏻 Identify the biggest obstacle keeping you from going down the path you must follow.

👉🏻 If your room of doubt is “locked” right now, what can you do in the meantime —with excellence and consistency — while you work on that obstacle?

👉🏻 Take action: what knowledge, skills, and wisdom do you need to seek out to help move you forward.

👉🏻 Review your surroundings. What and whom are you going to put faith in to find support? Are you being challenged by your current system of support?

👉🏻 Kick open the doors opposite of the door of doubt. One will open if you try! What risks, stepping out in faith, will you need to take to pursue a new door?

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