“Sometimes the lock isn’t ready to be opened. The key may fit but the lock won’t open because you’re not ready.” #coachjoe


This quote is from one of the best #podcastshow – The Sales Life with host Marsh Buice

He’s not just a great host and teacher, he’s someone I am fortunate to call a friend.

The episode titled “The mission is more important than the target” speaks to the importance of the results of the person you’re becoming through the work being done.

Marsh brings this message together brilliantly and eloquently by sharing “focusing more on the form than on the result”.

The reason most people fail to reach their potential is because they give up what they want most for what they want now.

Those that don’t believe they need development isolate themselves from performance development coaches. This is because they feel they’ve arrived and tend to lean on current skills.

Believing the current level of talent will be enough. Their ego won’t allow new information so they insulate themselves.

The work we do with performance-minded people through coaching development is a process of self-discovery.

Our core values are: “not to have all the answers, but have the right questions. Questions with an objective to find the genius within and extract that inner-power! Listening for the cues and insights and then extrapolate that”.

If you understand the need to expand your mindset library go ahead and tune into our podcast “Balance Cubed” wherever you listen to podcasts.

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