The gap between training and development lies in the definition of success. #coachjoe


Research shows the gap between performance expetations and development of people is widening.

While there are many reasons for these results, we have found that one of the challenges organizations comes up against is the learning-doing gap.

They are clear on the importance of helping develop new skills (tactical) to build knowledge, they feel good about the quality training content delivered, but are frustrated by the lack of transfer back to the job after participation in training.

The tactical nature of “training “ is to provide the “how” and is essential to process adherence. The development of people is educational and requires many facets of organizational alignement.

Here’s 3 Practicle methods for ensuring a more effective transferance of knowledge.

  1. Shift the perspective from “event” learning to “journey” learning.
  2. Wire in deliberate practice.
  3. Build a partnership between the team, the leadership, and the learning. What’s the mission and the definition of success. leadershipdevelopment #coachingandmentoring #mindsetforsuccess #learningandevelopment #success #team

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