Contagious energy begets infectious results. #coachjoe


I’m working with high-performance minded leaders we find there are some commonalities in their approach to a team environment.

They have a self-realization that prosperous work is a result of collective unit working in tandem towards a mission

That cohesiveness aligns the daily efforts that move the team towards excellence.

We found there are 5 practical applications you can use to check yourself and your team against.

How does your current team dynamics stack up? What are the elements you would add?

1. Realization that the team’s essential to you and your goals

2. The composition of the team. Who’s on the team and why?

3. The energy of the team: when they come together are they working in congruence with the core values?

4. The emotional health and safety of the team. Make sure you are addressing the emotional well-being of the team.

5. The intentions, energy, and presence of the team is fundamental to the success of the organization.

Be intentional about the structures you create to measure the results and how those results support the team dynamics.

Are the rewards measurement systems of the team creating a culture of collaboration? Do they motivate teams to succeed together?

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