We are often frozen in the belief that our fears are real even when they’re not realized. #coachjoe


Sometimes, it’s our inaction that creates fear and anxiety, not our actions.

If you’re like me, you balance the image of being an “expert” and the realization that expertise is gained as you pass through the confidence—competence loop.

Like many of you, I am challenged daily by the “imposter syndrome” and the wonder; with all the “experts” why would any of you read my message or listen to my podcast?

While it’s true, there are many more talented, knowledgeable, and more educated experts. There’s still room for more ideas, varying perspectives, and passionate leaders.

So, I took a step and posted content for 2-years (ongoing) and started a podcast. Tune in and check us out at “Balance Cubed” or anywhere you listen to #podcastshow. Our content is unique to my passions, research, and experiences.

So today, when you’re doubting yourself #Takearisk and #challengeyourself to move forward.

You are blessed with the unique talents, skills, and experiences that are meant for others to learn from.

Remember, to embrace the grind, enjoy the journey and keep on learning #yougotthis 👊🏼

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