Have you “defined” what success looks and feels like? Is your team clear on thag definition? #coachjoe

Clear vision of success has its own positive pulling power!

Ask better questions⁉️

👉🏻 If things go as well as possible, what happens?

👉🏻 What specifically, are the results you are attempting to achieve?

👉🏻 How will you think, act, and feel differently in certain situations? With certain teammates?

👉🏻 What will you do differently to achieve this defined result?

👉🏻 What will change in how you interact with others?

Plan for barriers ⚠️

🎯 How do you plan for roadblocks?
🎯 How do you prepare for the internal roadblocks?
🎯 What’s the strategy to align the team?

Root cause analysis 🧐

🔬Analysis can uncover deeply rooted flaws, patterns of behavior—that are inconsistent with the desired outcome, and identify blindspots.

Setbacks are 2-3 times more impactful than gains!

Practice when the stakes are low to turn them into habits and make them familiar and available for when stakes are high.

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