I am my hardest critic. I’m harsh, abrupt, and demanding. As I raise my standards the universe meets me at the next-level.#coachjoe

  1. Prepare yourself.
  2. Develop skills.
  3. Learn and keep learning more.
  4. Master your craft. This is the competence 🔁 confidence loop.
  5. Lean into the friction.
  6. Embrace the grind. Enjoy the journey.
  7. Be humble. Be grateful
  8. Be judicious with mental energy
  9. Avoid empty calorie time: be intentional
  10. Be ready to answer the call to greatness.

✅ Bonus: Leaders are responsible for 3 specific things; the energy we bring, the actions we take, and distraction removal. #coachjoe

What would you add to this list?

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