Leadership is like an unpolished diamond. It’s raw jagged nature formed over time and experience. #coachjoe


It’s beauty cleverly disguised as grime, grit, and hardened clay. It’s clarity yet undiscovered lying in it’s unpolished form.

Early on, our diamond is covered in crap, it’s layers thick and hardened. We
are always trying to shine it to make sure that it looks clean.

There are many natural stones that have the look and feel of a diamond. At first glance they have the same appearance. On its surface they’re replicas. Under the watchful eye of an expert, they’re true makeup is revealed.

Management has some unique qualities that give it the “look and feel” of leadership, but it’s different in uniquely compelling ways.

Leadership is the rarest of skills created when experience is subjected to time, and fine-tuned from the professor of failure.

It’s said leaders are supposed to create followers.  This seems paradoxical to me.  I contend leaders create more leaders, thus multiplying the role of leadership.

On Balance Cubed episode 17 we’re discussing leadership. Come join us wherever you listen to podcasts.

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