Don’t forget, while you’re busy doubting yourself – someone else is admiring your strength. #coachjoe

If you’re like me, your trying to live into this imaginary image of yourself. Debating the imposter syndrome mindset and attempting perfection.

This is human nature – to work against the inner villain and fighting negative self-speak.

It’s worth working on so long as you’re focused on becoming a better version of yourself…for yourself!

Stop trying to live up to someone else’s perception of you. The critics will come and try to knock you down.

Today, learn to love ❤️ yourself and live in congruence within your authentic self.

The lenses of others may be distorted because they only see a tiny sliver of who you are. It’s not our responsibility to change their lens. 🔭

Let’s support each other and extend a hand to those who need a boost. Together, we hold the power of positivity!

#yougotthis #togetherwearestronger #support #changecreator #love #mindset

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