Complexity is the enemy of mastery. #coachjoe


Have you ever read that post where it made you re-think your position on a topic?

For me, it is the simplicity of action. We get stalled in overthinking the “how” and mapping out the steps needed to arrive at a predetermined destination.

👉🏻Our desire to be recognized as a subject matter expert merely stunts the action.
👉🏻Our minds are cognitive misers deploying mental safety nets to keep us out of harms way.

The power of action makes us more familiar with failure and the freedom to explore our comfort zones.

After years of procrastination, I decided to start Balance Cubed podcast (for those of you who didn’t know). 😃🎧🎙

We learned:

🔜 take action.
➡️ how to prepare for a podcast.
➡️where to start and what software
➡️how to record, edit, and add background theme music.
➡️research my topics. Opening me up to new books and articles of significance.
➡️ how to not be a perfectionist. This one is hArd!
➡️ how to receive critiscim.

Not everything we do is going to be received well. We are barely a 📈blip on the podcast market 🤣😂.

This is all a function of the confidence—competency loop 🔂
Today, just take a single action towards that thing that’s been so elusive. As you fail forward the path reveals itself.

Have a great close to the week!

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