“If you’re ever in doubt don’t freeze. Standing in fear is less desirable then falling in failure.” #coachjoe


Your mind tries to justify inaction by normalizing your inner conversation. It talks you into second guessing your choices.

Like a mental prosecutor cross examining your choices and debating your self-worth. Acting as a safety mechanism. Always there to remind you, that you don’t have the experience, skill, training, education, or the pedigree to accomplish.

It’s your body’s natural way of keeping you safe. Here’s the thing though…your mind also has the ability to walk into the fear.

Once you take the first step it becomes less scary. Each action you take, moves you closer to the thing you dream about.

Waiting on perfection is no reason to sit at the stop sign. We are all novices trying to improve from the last time. And perfection is just an illusion keeping you on ice.

So that book you want to write, start with a paragraph. That business that you want to start, begin by writing your why. The step you take today, will bring your dream that much closer into view.

Your uniqueness is what makes you an amazing gift. Unapologetically flawed in so many beautiful ways. Go do something about it.

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