4 Corners of Decision. #coachjoe


Ever have a day where everything you touch seems to miss? Today was my day. I missed opportunities to connect at a higher level.
Other peoples’ distractions influencing my focus. Giving room to the distractions pulled me away from my purpose. Giving direction instead of multiplying leadership. Wasting energy on distractions my brain made up without any evidence.
Reflecting on the day allows me to connect with the failures. Figuratively waiting at the intersection of the 4 corners of decision.
1st corner is choice. Indecision, uncertainty, and avoidance only serves to metastasize the issue.
2nd corner. Leaning into the grind or leaning back on the individual.
3rd corner. Active stop or passive yield. Empowering others to support you always produces better solutions.
4th corner. The aging lens of possibilities. I liken It to using uncalibrated binoculars. The landscape is there but the views are distorted. Focus the lens and the beauty reveals itself.
Parking your mindset at any of these corners builds resistance to growth. Our Success is always achieved through failures .
Embrace the grind. Enjoy the journey. Keep listening.

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