The lessons in mindset I learned this week. #coachjoe


The lesson in mindset I learned this week. #coachjoe

There’s science behind the insecurities that drive our limiting beliefs. And this is what I’ve learned this week.

The limiting beliefs we hold are like an iceberg. Above the water line are our conscious behaviors.

Lying far below the water line are the long-held beliefs. The ideas formulated over time, and values supported by our surroundings. Influenced by our experiences.

In studying personal development, the sciences of psychology, neuroscience, and mindset. We have learned we have the power to balance our inner conversation.

If you’re like me, you experience the unhealthy voice of the inner critic. The relentless voice of doubt, manifesting as unworthiness…that stops our progress.

We don’t have to fall victim to our limiting beliefs. There are methods and skills that build resilience as we flex our muscles of cognitive awareness.

In their book “meQuilibrium” authors Jan Bruce, Dr. Andrew Shatte and Dr Adam Perlman call these beliefs the “iceberg beliefs”.

“Iceberg beliefs are deeply rooted and powerful, and they fuel emotions.” They go on to say, “The more entrenched an iceberg is, the more havoc it wreaks on your life, creating chaos…”

Most significantly, they say, “if we get a handle on our icebergs, we gain an enormous amount of control over our feelings and our lives. Melt an iceberg and all the downstream events it causes get washed away as well.”

All shifts – all changes happen up here 🤯!

  • Take care of your mindset
  • Clear the clutter of doubt, uncertainty, and delay.
  • Stress isn’t the problem. Your response to it is.
  • Stacking is the science of compiling mental evidence. Forming beliefs by isolating our experiences – good or bad. experience #mindset #science #neuroscience #psychology #personaldevelopment #innervoice #coachingtips

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