Unleash the power of team #coachjoe

Unleashing the power of team. #coachjoe

Hi Coach Joe today we are discussing unleashing the talent on your team.

How do we unleash the talent, creativity, and the energy needed to pull the collective intelligence forward?

We begin by understanding the power of the right leader. By positioning the right person in the right environment the team will multiply their leadership.

The right leader is critical to the growth of their team. They provide a space where the individual feels compelled to give their best efforts.

A space where teammates challenge each other to become their best. Free to challenge conventional ideas, the current norms, and the comfort levels.

Building your plan has three key elements.
👉🏻1. Identifying with specificity and clarity where your mission meets the needs of others
👉🏻2. Spelling out your core values. As Simon Sinek says “creating an infinite purpose”.
👉🏻3. Defining how each teammate contributions.

Embrace the grind. Enjoy the journey. Keep listening. Coach Joe
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