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Hi CoachJoe here. Today we are discussing leadership
Leadership is very dynamic, synergistic, relational, and influential form of connection between a group/team, or an organization.
Over the past 2 decades there’s been a range of leadership theories. They provide a framework for to conceptualize leadership in knowledge, strategies, and adaptability.
Peter Drucker said, “only three things happen naturally in organizations. Friction, confusion, and underperformance; everything else requires leadership.”
Our 5 cornerstones of leadership:
1. 3-parts: Self-reflection. Know yourself, Self-regulation and Self-perception.
2. Never stop learning. Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.
3. Create a compelling vision while infecting people with the passion to achieve that destination. We’ll call this the strategic mental journey.
4. Create the culture and climate where individuals can contribute their unique skills. A culture of inclusivity, compassion, and diversity of views.
5. Make decisions, have the difficult conversations, hold people accountable, and are responsible for themselves and their teams, ask decisive questions while leaning into the friction.
“Leaders are the conductors of talent creatively orchestrating workforce ecosystems to bring life to vision and purpose.” -coachjoe
Embrace the grind. Enjoy the journey. Keep listening.

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