Removing limits. What our team learned this week. #coachjoe


Hey Coach Joe and we are talking limits.
This week our team spoke about limitations. What it means to stretch our current beliefs and remove our current limitations. Stretching our mindset to our fullest potential.
High-performance Leaders are always testing the limits. Stretching the current beliefs to what’s possible with a limitless mindset.
Leaders value the mental elasticity their teams need to stretch what’s possible. They get the delicate balance of challenging the mental mindset and testing the limits. Using the combined skills and strengths that pull the team towards potential. Leaders know a self-defeating limiting belief is deeply seated in uncertainty.
Here’s 5 practical applications to removing limits.

  1. Doubt disguise’s itself as insecurity. Insecurity leashes itself to false boundaries.
  2. Limits are always protected by a deeply rooted story that’s no longer relevant.
  3. Most learned anxieties stem from fabricated stories based on speculations and assumptions.
  4. Unleashing the talent to its fullest potential requires stretching their current beliefs.
  5. The greatest thing about realizing you are the source of your own problem is that you are the source of the solution.
    Embrace the grind. Enjoy the journey. Keep listening.

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