Are your leaders building a collaborative team? #coachjoe


Your Team’s Complimentary Values. I’m Coach Joe
We can resonate with the theory of supportive roles within a team. It’s these complimentary roles that support the greater mission.
Teammates on high-performing teams value and trust each other to contribute their skills to serve each other and the mission.
These teams work congruently and they respect diversity of thought and experience. They challenge the false securities that reside in past outcomes. In the process, they lead through creativity and productivity.
Complimentary teams are those that aren’t mired in conflict and positioning. They work on calibrating their actions to ensure alignment with core values.
Here’s 5 complimentary value’s

  1. The team has clarity for how their skills contribute to the mission. And actively pursue how those skills work cohesively with their teammates in pursuit of the mission.
  2. The team understands the expected lines of communication.
  3. The team has regular and unscripted meetings that support the feedback loop.
  4. Regular huddle calls to review prioritization and accountability of work-in-progress.
  5. They promote growth and development of individuals and groups.
    Embrace the grind. Enjoy the Journey. Keep Listening.

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