Does your training plan align with your core values? #coachjoe


Hey Coach Joe and we are taking training. Manager’s find comfort in defining training as short-term investment that yields a high ROI.
In theory, training should produce higher compliance with process. But compliance is a misnomer. Compliance is a false narrative the people do as we expect them in accordance with our training.
The deception is that by “training” people there will be process adherence. Managers concept of training are regurgitated techniques of outdated processes.
By its very nature, the cyclical process produces predictable outcomes.
While there are many reasons for these shortcoming, the challenges organizations face is tied to the learning-doing gap.
The development of people requires a connection to core values.
Here’s 5 practical methods to shift the perspective from “event” learning to “journey” learning.

  1. Wire in deliberate practice.
  2. Build a partnership between the team, the leadership, and the learning.
  3. Define the mission and the definition of successful training.
  4. Observe and Coach to reinforce the learned behaviors.
  5. Catch high-performing habits in-process and verbally celebrate them! Verbally reinforcing behavior encourages learning.
    Embrace the grind. Enjoy the journey. Keep listening.

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