The ROI of leadership. #coachjoe


Leadership manifests itself in multiple forms. Its branches extend to people well beyond its roots.
Leadership brings about change. It opens doors that were otherwise closed Leadership brings subsistence to nourish the masses.
Its weight can only be measured when the burdens of necessity are required. It fuels the minds of the future to create, inspire, and to reimagine the next layer of leadership.
The impact is felt where the caverns are widened by its destitute. Leadership can be used for nefarious purposes too.
It can serve to create divisiveness of people and demographics.
Want to know the real impact of leadership? Serve others and watch the branches sprout fruits that nourish the hearts and souls of others.
Want to measure the ROI of leadership? Look no further than the multiplication of leadership.
Leadership is the immeasurable asset on your balance sheet. Its return on investment is its ability to multiply.
Embrace the grind. Enjoy the journey. Keep listening.

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