We live in a connection economy. I am much more interested in customer leadership than customer management. Customers want a connection to the experience. #coachjoe

One size fits all methods are gone forever. Everything we did and continue to do is going to be done differently in the future. 
It is a wonderful chance and a lifetime opportunity. 

Some are used to operating in a vacuum. Looking through the same distorted lens. Behaving in accordance with the lens from the view of a limited perspective. Blinded by only those things you choose to see. A distinct perspective requires looking through the lens of the other person. Changing goggles allows your vision to be altered by an unfamiliar perspective.

Lasting change happens when the culture changes from a market-based environment where everything is prioritized by profitability to a connection culture.

Connection at a human level to your culture boils down to 4 basic values: purpose, connection,

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