Balanced leaders alter their perspective in times of discord. #coachjoe


From the very first words of our conversation, I could sense her fatigue and discouragement. After weeks on the go, she wasn’t ready for the way our coaching session was veering off-track. After a bit of hesitation, we shifted away from the agenda and delved into the real issue: a miscommunication between this leader and another one that had created an invisible barrier in their leadership.

It’s said that different lenses can alter how you view things – something she quickly came to understand when we revisited an old proverb about perspective. It suddenly became clear that it wasn’t necessarily a roadblock that stood between them; it was more so their outlook on the situation itself.

The truth is, it only takes two perspectives for a breakthrough. When one person sees an obstacle, another might spot an opportunity instead! As leaders, it’s up to us use self-reflection and meaningful questions in order find out what lies beneath any challenge or predicament – essentially unearthing potentials along each step of our journey. Let’s embrace the process wholeheartedly and make sure we stay tuned while listening deeply!

So the next time you hit an obstacle on your journey remember these studious words: Embrace the Grind. Enjoy the Journey. And Keep Listening for new opportunities!

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