Leaders accept change and navigate uncertainty with confidence, patience, resilience, and flexibility. #coachjoe


Join us this week in #BalanceCubed as we discuss navigating adversity.

5 practical applications for navigating adversity:

DEVELOPING RESILENCE: Developing the capacity to bounce back from difficult times is key to navigating through adversity.

PRACTICING MUNDFULLNESS: being present in mindful, can help us to refocus on the present moment, and not get stuck in the past or worry about the future.

FINDING MEANING IN THE EXPERIENCE: adversity can often be a source of strength and growth. Reframing the experience, and finding meaning and purpose can help to cope with the challenges.

STAYING POSITIVE: staying positive and looking for the silver lining, can help to keep perspective. Focusing on the positive aspects of the situation and developing a growth mindset can help you stay optimistic.

TAKING ACTION: taking small steps, setting, realistic, goals, and breaking task into manageable pieces can help move us forward and progress.

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