Your culture is your lifeline and powerplant. We call this energy – “magnetic electricity”. Your environment is positively charged or it’s negatively drained. #coachjoe

🏆”For better or worse, culture and leadership are inextricably linked.”— #coachjoe

⁉️Are you clear about what the “language” your culture is communicating to your employees and your customers?

😑The wrong culture, diluted culture, or no culture – is a culture nonetheless.

⛰️Culture is what the company values, if it isn’t the employee and the customer, they’ll go elsewhere! Your culture exist, whether it’s understood or not.

💰This market culture prioritizes profitability. Everything is a valuated with a bottom line in mind; and there are often several degrees of separation between employees and leadership.

🤔Connection, at a human level to your culture boils down to 4 basic values; balance, purpose, recognition, and contribution.

🔋An important and often overlooked aspect of culture is despite its subliminal nature, people are effectively hardwired to respond to it instinctively. It acts as a silent language – an internal heartbeat if you will.

👊🏼Sustained Results depend upon building, a culture full of self disciplined people who take disciplined action fanatically.

➡️An enduring culture of discipline, powered by people who act in the companies, best interest without strict dictums from leadership.

👏👏Good cultures, have self disciplined people who are willing to go to extreme lengths to fulfill their responsibilities.

💪🏼The people in good cultures tend to be almost fanatical in pursuit of greatness.
Now that’s culture!

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