Oh the places we will go, and the amazing people who alter our view. #coachjoe


I encountered an array of people that inspire me in every way possible.

There was a recovering alcoholic, an old guy, and a lady with immense charisma. I also met a business owner who takes pride in hiring strong women to lead his service shop.

Then there was the remarkable mom in outperforming her peers and making more than her male counterparts while raising three incredible kids.

A prolific female leader, giving a showstopping keynote performance that had the crowd begging for her secrets!

I came across a dad courageously continuing his life after losing his wife, following his passion and pushing himself outside of his comfort zone despite all odds.

There’s also the ambitious emigrant working hard towards their American dream as if it’s within reach – something only few dare take on but even fewer complete.

Not to mention the former party animal that has now devoted himself to inspiring others and pursuing what he loves ever since having a heart attack at his peak age.

An introvert stunting everyone on stage despite being typecasted? His leadership is creating unlimited returns for companies he doesn’t own!

The recovering alcoholic then knocked down doors for everyone else to learn from other driven leaders without asking for anything in return.

This group of motivated individuals have created an networking platform where like-minded folks can grow together to reach limitless success!

Finally, two talented and insoirifn leaders crafting their own think-tank – questioning everything with no fear whatsoever..

These people may have different titles or positions but they are all united by one common thing: They are People doing amazing things every single day, proving that anything is possible through hard work and dedication!

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