As the world pulls at your attention and tries to derail progress, remember 🫵🏻YOU are the architect of your future. #coachjoe

The resilient mindsets of a leader

➡️ Design the path with the heart of your culture…and lead with values.

➡️ Put the mission first. Your “why” will serve as the guide post.

➡️ Aim for progress (speed) over perfection. Leaders adapt, adjust, and evolve.

➡️ Own the narrative. Leaders share the vision, purpose, intention, and energy.

➡️ Embrace the power of the “compound effect”. Strategic empowerment will serve to carve out new paths.

Dealing with de-commitment — a change in momentum— is one of the biggest challenge leaders face.

When the vision is strong enough that everyone can “feel” it, they will rally around with an insatiable desire to achieve it.

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