Stop chasing happiness. Many people connect happiness to the achievement of certain goals or aspirations…#coachjoe


A prestigious award, a big raise, an exciting new relationship, a fancy new car, losing weight, these things can make us feel great at first, but the thrill doesn’t last very long.

Human beings are quick to adapt to new circumstances—a quality that has helped us survive and thrive. But it also means that the positive things that initially make us happier soon become our new normal and we return to our old happiness baseline.

What it takes is an inner change of perspective and attitude. And that’s truly good news, because it’s something anyone can do.

Practice with presence:
🔺Train your brain to be more in-tune with your words and thoughts.
🔺Nurture and enjoy relationships.
🔺 Live in the moment and savor the blessings when you don’t get what you want.
🔺Focus on helping others!
🔺 Take better care of your health.

Tell me 👇🏻down below: what are you doing to focus and live in the present moments. What else would you add?

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