Minutes and moments in ego. The devil in disguise. #coachjoe


Minutes and moments in ego. The devil in disguise. #coachjoe

➡️For a leader, ego is a powerful tool that can propel the team through some very tough circumstances. It’s a partner with the power to boost you over self-imposed limitation barriers.

👉🏻Leadership Ego can be the strength and courage to lift team spirits when life throws curveballs. It’s admirable in the right situation and adversarial in others.

🆑We need our ego to give us courage to keep moving despite the perceived warning signs of fear.

👊🏻Ego can strengthen our resolve and ignite a spark that’s been dormant.
It’s our light at the end of a dark tunnel.

⚠️Ego has an alter ego. It can be used for nefarious reasons as well. Unhealthy ego is like adding fuel to an open flame.

🔥Too much of it and the flame gets too hot for anyone to be near.

⌛️There are minutes and moments where we need to “put our ego in our pocket”.

5 practices for leadership ego:

  1. Remind yourself you embody the face of leadership. You are not the body of leadership.
  2. Regularly solicit feedback, seeking guidance in support of others.
  3. Delegate priorities and celebrate successes.
  4. Champion growth and cheerlead momentum.
  5. Remain steadfast in the winds of adversity, accountable in times of failure, dependable in times of need, and unrelenting in the quest for growth.

Embrace the grind. Enjoy the journey. Keep listening.

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