“The Path to Emotional Riches: A Tale of Perseverance”

Your elders seemed as tall and mighty as superheroes, the poster on the wall a reminder of how you wished to soar. Watching your neighbor cruise up in a shiny new car, you dreamt of wealth and saved for something that felt like it belonged in a fairytale. Looking out at the night sky, you hoped against hope for an impossible miracle to appear. Waiting patiently – yet not really prepared – for what’s to come.

The radio played tunes of talent beyond yours; still, you beat rhythms on makeshift drums until they became distorted and off-key. Preachers demanded attention from all around while inside you thought “I could do that!”, only to remember afterwards it was just a wishful reverie.

Climbing up life’s ladder, though standing on its shakiest rung, brought a sense of ambition despite the gridlock ahead.

As the collection jar is handed around, you stay in line and work harder than anyone else present. You strive to make progress by getting up early and staying late, taking in every word from spiritual success books. Even when the storm rages on with no end of waves in sight, you sail through it all without fear. Through thick and thin, your courage gets stronger as you overcome each obstacle that comes your way.

Though moments of self-doubt try to creep in, comparing yourself against an unattainable standard or feeling like a fraud among others, you paddle through empty seas and grow thicker skinned as criticism slides off your back. You keep climbing higher despite inner voices questioning your worthiness – bruised knuckles and scraped knees only fuel your fire up ahead.

By the end of this arduous journey, not only are you more empowered but also immensely grateful for all its lessons along the way; whereas many have given up en route to their goals, faith has given you resolve. Being financially wealthy is not a prerequisite for being enormously successful; our real wealth lies within our loving connections with people who inspire us daily.

Our true success cannot be measured in money, but rather in the strong and knowledgeable relationships we build with our family members and friends. These connections provide us with the emotional wealth that is often more desirable than financial gain. Despite the difficulties of life’s journey, we can remain emboldened by a sense of faith which gives us the resolve to push forward. In this way, we become self-made emotional millionaires who are enriched by experiences that money cannot buy.

Written by Joseph Clementi (Coach Joe) Copyright © 2023

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