Leaders don’t waste time playing the blame game. They own it. #coachjoe

#coachjoe #balancecubed

“Managers” spend more time explaining why something went wrong and immediately point fingers at someone to pass on the blame.

Leaders understand that they had a role to play in the failure and take the entire ownership.

Successful people maintain a high level of accountability because –

🔺They have a high level of tolerance for the challenge.

🔺They have exercised their “adversity muscles”

🔺They are growth-minded.

🔺Their focus is on becoming the best version of themselves. And recognize that requires them to multiply leadership.

🔺They don’t use a jealous eyes when they see success.

🔺They use their competitive nature to cheerlead and champion others!

🔺They don’t waste energy on distractions that pull them from their mission!

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