In our fast-paced world of negative news, social media, and attention-grabbing distractions, it’s easy to lose sight of what is really important. #coachjoe

🔺But you can reignite your purpose with just a single focused action – investing 30 minutes daily. ⌚️

🗓️Schedule this precious time into your day – maybe use your lunch break for some meaningful reading.

🎧or make the most of your commute by listening to an informative podcast.

💻You could even set aside some time in front of the TV to watch a tutorial video on something that interests you!

🖋️One powerful activity I swear by is taking out my notebook and writing for half an hour every day.📕

5 tasks to regain your purpose!
🔺Make a list of your top values and prioritize them.
🔺Create a life vision statement to define what success looks like to you.
🔺Schedule time to reflect on your goals and progress.
🔺Develop a plan for how to achieve your goals.
🔺Take action and make small changes that will help you move closer to your purpose.

👇🏻 let me know in the comments what you do to regain/maintain your purpose?

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