Friday’s motivation minute: You are not invisible. You are worthy of greatness. #coachjoe 👇🏻


🆑Though you may feel like a small fish in a big pond, from time to time, know that you are far from invisible. The daily grind can be burdening and your view, is sometimes distorted by doubt.

🔺Your presence is noticed in ways you cannot begin to imagine. Don’t let the noise drown out what you have accomplished thus far—it’s time to fix your mindset.

🔺Your star may be dimmed today, but your worth is undeniable. Keep striving for growth! You are capable of making history—one pen stroke at a time.

❗️The power comes from within—don’t focus on what’s visible, but rather on the stillness inside you. You do not need recognition or visible dividends to validate your worth.

🔋Blaze a path of your own making, because this is something only you can do!

👊🏻You are capabale, important and worthy of all the effort—no matter how dark the doorway seems right now, keep knocking!

‼️Here’s the only validation you need: keep doing the work; keep pushing forward; keep investing in yourself—because each effort is an investment towards the person who needs it most:YOU‼️

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