High-performance isn’t accidental. #coachjoe


High-performance isn’t accidental in high performing organizations. It begins when the team aligns their actions with the values. Excellence becomes a standard when leaders make a conscious choice to create conditions where excellence thrives.

Our team has renewed our energy around the fundamentals. This is a core principle in closing the gap between performance and potential… with consistency.

I believe it was Vince Lombardi who coined the phrase “brilliant at the basics”.

The consistency required to create an environment of performance built on execution.

There’s a misnomer with the word basics. The assumption is it means easy or simple. The “basics” are the activities fundamental to delivering individual and team growth.

Empowering people with the autonomy, authority, tools, and technologies to deliver on the mission.

Building consistency is rooted in practice, and execution of the fundamental’s.

Here’s 5 core principles of execution of being “brilliant at the basics”:

1. Commit to the values of individual empowerment

2. Build a culture around service.

3. Develop leaders who will develop other people to lead.

4. Align behaviors, tasks, and actions with goals and values.

5. Recognize and reward success.

Embrace the grind. Enjoy the journey. Keep listening.

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