A leader sees a challenge for what it is. They avoid catastrophizing and they don’t pacify people with toxic positivity. #coachjoe 👇🏻

#coachjoe #balancecubed

🔺They speak the truth, and trust their own responses and interactions with those behaviors.

🔺They lean into the adversity knowing the foundation of trust they built with their team will rally solutions.

🔺 They acknowledge failure will happen and their comfortable with this learning experience.

🔺Good judgement is a muscle. When properly flexed, the hard work shows.

🔺 Explain the subjective and objective criteria needed to be considered, risks and trade-offs you assessed, and stakeholder considerations.

🔺Educate team members. Let them know that not everything you share internally is fair-game. particularly information that is protected by confidence or creates a conflict of interest with another party or key customers.

“Leaders elevate themselves and thier teams in the most challenging times. They create a vision so clear—that even through a dense fog—everyone can see their destination clearly!!”-coachjoe

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