Our mindset can be a prison of own our creation. Holding our past failures and mistakes like a weapon. #coachjoe 👇🏻

#coachjoe #balancecubed

🔺We believe those things disqualify us.

‼️ Yet those past experiences are the very tools that unlock the doors of our mental prison.

👉🏻 We we’re taught to outrun vulnerability. To move past the insecurities and “buck-up” to the next challenge.

‼️ The keys to unlocking mindset is to become present with the moment. Create awareness to the actions being taken or avoided.

☝🏻How you speak to yourself really does matter. By minimizing negative thoughts your mind becomes free to perform better.

‼️ Use words wisely. Trevor Moawad believes that language is the carrier, and when you speak negative thoughts aloud, it can make those sentiments 10x more powerful than simply thinking them.

🆑 Clairty of purpose, intentional actions, and distraction removal are the foundation for a leadership mindset.

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