I failed at transitioning change! Forced change is a far more difficult path to success then aligned change. #coachjoe

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Success is determined by many variables, but there are three key elements of a successful change transition.

First, teams are able to measure effectiveness in direct or indirect ways.

Second, leaders can easily communicate their importance, both within and outside organizations.

Third, and perhaps most important, businesses are capable of influencing those elements quickly.

When the solution is the created by the team, they do more to make sure it’s successful. The more we have invested in something the less likely we are to let it fail.

So this led us to asking better questions.

  1. How do we facilitate the conversations, discussions, and the meetings to help our team contribute to the change?
  2. How do we gain engagement from everyone to support the change?
  3. How do we identify the “sticking points” so we can move more freely towards change?

Here is a great article on “change management”


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