The choice is how you weather the storm not when you choose it. #coachjoe 👇🏻


🏄‍♂️So many people ride the wave and never understand the undertow. If you’re going to surf in turbulent waters, you’re bound to fall off the board.

🌊Our adversity is life’s requirement to submerge and dive deep. Just to remind us how much we need that oxygen above. You don’t make the most of what’s around you, until you recognize that what’s around you…is the opportunity.

🆑Life rarely gives without taking. Calm waters deprives us of the preparedness of adverse weather.

🏝️Both the fear below us and the sandcastle on the beach are imaginary. And you get to choose which ones to believe in.

🧐Our perceived understanding of adversity oscillates. Sometimes we receive it and other times we swim in the undercurrent and we’re swept into uneven waters.

🏊‍♂️When you come up for air, and you will! The sun will warm your soul and shape your horizon.

💡We cannot change the unpredictability of the wave, but by getting back up we can strengthen our resolve and we can change ourselves.

‼️You were built to endure to overcome and recreate yourself!

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