Leaders see the whole person. Their unique strengths, and passion that sets the soul on fire and what drains them. #coachjoe 👇🏻

🆑 Leaders build more meaningful connections with team members.

🔼Trust grows when you show genuine interest in the whole person. This allows them to bring their best-self into their work.

‼️ Share what you know. Admit what you don’t. Lead through empowerment and provide absolute clarity on the purpose.

⭕️ To ensure toxicity does not spread amongst the team, create transparency in your communications.

💡 Be direct and compassionate when addressing concern. Don’t pepper them with “perceived judgement”.

🧏‍♂️ Listen with intent. It will shape the culture in which, feedback isn’t condemning or disapproving. Instead it keeps the lines of communication flowing with trust.

📚Inspire continuous learning. Centered on growth and with regularity.

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