High-performance teams react differently to uncertainty. #coachjoe 👇🏻

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“While others are freezing, impact players are getting their arms around the chaos.”-Liz Wiseman

Creating high-performance cultures requires steady, concistent, and resilient leaders.

Here’s 7 aspects of high-performance teams:

🆑 Set direction; vision, mission, and a shared purpose and align the strategies.

⭕️ Gather and deploy the resources; articulate needs, defined the business case, and provide the resources.

🔥 Assemble team; skills required to achieve the vision/mission, people with the right skills sets, and a group built on trust and forged in chemistry.

💡Allocate & prioritize work. Let the team develop through ideation, innovation, and failure.

🗺️ Execute the plan; make decisions that progress the mission. Measure, adjust, and adapt along the way.

💪🏼 Recognize and empower your team. Having strategic 1-1 meetings that align the efforts with the desired outcome.

💲Invest in individuals. Develop their current knowledge base, build depth on the team, feed the competency 🔂 confidence loop. Create stretch-assignments that nurture the inner-genius and challenge their comfort.

High-performance teams will finish stronger, go deeper, make work more fun, and do the work that’s needed.

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