Leaders focus on unbinding the lines of communication not finding fault. #coachjoe 👇🏻

🚫The problem focused person will be frozen in inaction trying to gather coconspirators to rationalize why it went wrong. For the problem focused leader, blame is easier than responsibility.

🆑The solution focused person will solve the problem. They look for gaps and fill the voids with functional reasoning. Solution focused leaders find solutions in the margins so they can plan and coordinate efforts.

⭕️Check your focus ! Center yourself on the intention instead of looking for association.

💯Leaders are accountable to their choices and reflect on their failures. They recognize when to reboot and recharge as energy wanes.

3 practical applications for solutions seekers:

1️⃣Open the intake valve and read. Authors provide keys to unlock knowledge previously unavailable.

2️⃣Encourage open feedback loop. Listen for the cues that identify the binds in process.

3️⃣Change the station. Get into different rooms with different thinkers. When you change the channel, it exposes you to new ideas and alters your perspective.

“Great thinkers think inductively, that is, they create solutions and then seek out the problems that solution might solve; most companies think deductively, that is, defining a problem and then investigating different solutions.” —Joey Rieman.

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