Leaders understand the power and impact of leading through self-discovery. #coachjoe 👇🏻

The science behind self-discovery is the leader begins by asking more comprehensive questions that leads to more creative solutions.

👊🏻Instead of being the “answer person” reacting in decision mode, pause and ask just one 1️⃣ more question.

🆑We teach this process; with the understanding that the person presenting the problem— has the potential to provide an even more effective solution than you.

🔥Grit and resilience are strengthened within the team when they feel empowered to provide solutions.

Here are two ⁉️ 👉🏻👉🏻What would you add?🤔🤔

Judy says, “hey boss, we aren’t going to hit our budget this month. None of our orders came through. Just thought I’d let you know”.

“Thank you, Judy for bringing this to our attention. Sounds like this has the potential to derail us, right?”

“Now that we have the scope of the situation, what do propose is our best course to recover quickly?”

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