Friday whiteboard message: Audit your cirlce #coachjoe 👇🏻


The people you surround yourself with will influence how you think, your definition of success, your response to stress, and the standards you set for yourself.

⭕️ Are the people in your cirlce helping you become a better version of yourself?

💪🏼 I had dinner with a lifelong friend I haven’t seen in-person in five years.

👉🏻Our friendship stems nearly 5 decades! He asked about my daily posts, and why I post and what inspires me to do so.

🔥After explaining my mission—with great enthusiasm—he said, “that’s great you’re following your passion”. No err of judgement, no doubt in his voice, and not a single hint of disillusionment. Just genuine excitement and encouragement.

💯He is 1 of 5 in the center of my cirlce ⭕️ notwithstanding the fact we are nearly 3,000 miles apart.

👊🏻 Love you my brother (Scott)! Thanks for your words of encouragement.

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