Leadership is not about having all the answers. Exceptional leaders know how to skillfully fill the gap between support and empowerment. #coachjoe

Empowering team members to perform their own work is the hallmark of a successful leader.

As leaders, we value situational leadership and understand that being at the center means not always being the center of attention.

The 7 laws of leadership action are:

  1. The right “action” causes a shift in current thinking.
  2. Taking action ignites momentum and builds energy.
  3. New action establishes new habits and routines.
  4. The physical act of taking action minimizes fear.
  5. Action gives perspective to failure.
  6. Empowering others to take action encourages them to achieve more.
  7. Actions produce a chain reaction.

Building successful teams as a leader requires a high-level of proficiency. Knowing how and when to use inherent knowledge cross-functionally is how we create knowledge wealth.

Embrace the grind, enjoy the journey, and keep listening.

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