Leadership isn’t just about seeing things from your perspective. It’s about understanding what’s valuable to others and training your mind to view situations from different angles.#coachjoe

As #coachjoe says, ‘To increase our impact, we must see beyond our own perspective.’

James Deacon once said, ‘What you see depends not only on what you look at but also on where you look from.’

To see things from different perspectives, here are five practical tools to keep in mind:

  1. See the real needs and priorities.
  2. Step back. Then step up.
  3. Zoom out. Pull back from your position in the organization and view with a larger lens.
  4. Change your lens. Managing ambiguity is essential for good leadership.
  5. Gather supporting evidence. As the saying goes, ‘Find something that needs to be done and do it without seeking credit.’

Remember, the best leaders are those who understand the power of seeing beyond their perspective. #leadership #perspective #growthmindset

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